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summer evening
the heat of day
has finally past,
giving way to evening.

a dew begins to form,
the air is thick and heavy.

all around,
the sounds now change,
from birds to crickets songs.

gently does the light now fade,
and bring closure to the day.
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the weight of life,
does wear one down,
this much so very true.

the chains we forge,
not of steel,
but of doubt,
never to be free.
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For Annette, author 3877

Mother and wife you were to three
Two sons and husband you miss greatly
But know this well, this pain endured
Will end one day, be reassured

There is but life beyond this one
You shared with husband and your sons
A place of peace that runs with glee
Laughter and more, if you believe

No fairy tale that has an ending
Or story line yours for pretending
But life abundant you will breathe
Again with those who took their leave

Beyond Blue skies and clouds that pass
Above your head where all things last
Become again as if they were
Just as
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Sweet Addiction

Sweet Addiction

My sweet addiction, my reverie,

My breath of life, my cup of tea

My soulmate, joy, my Cupid's sting

My touch, my feel, my everything

My rainbow cache, my girl of gold

My keys to more than heaven holds

My true love potion number nine

My sweet addiction, my sunshine

My bed when light fades in the west

I rest my head upon her breast

Her gentle breathing counts my sheep

My sweet addiction, come to me

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Still Growing

On the day of the Lord,
He will come like a thief;
And if it is ignored,
Then you will have much grief.

So expect on that day,
To hear a roaring sound;
Heaven will pass away,
As Jesus is abound.

Everything that makes,
The universe will burn;
For the earth will feel quakes,
Since we never do learn.

The earth and all we caused,
Shall also be exposed;
And destroyed being flawed,
So that they are disposed.

So I think how you must live,
As you look towards that day;
Learn how you must forgive,
As you trust and obey.More »

The wind knows where I live

The wind knows where I live

A polythene bag blew my way today

Came tumbling along in a very strange way

It had your name, on a little tag

Your telephone number could I ring you back?

A coincidence, so some might think

But why would the wind know where I live

And why would it know, looking back on things

I'd be lazing about on a garden swing?

The sun was high and the day was hot

I'd just slipped off my see-through socks

A mystery push and my
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