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Poetry by alwaysawarrior

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Dave Burgess - (or The Horrors Of Being A Performing Poet.

Dave Burgess

Performing at the Bay Horse

Giving this poem some wellie

Proving to the crowd

There’s alternatives to the tele.

I was burbling on

With not a little success

Then I went and looked

At Young Dave Burgess.

Spotting the coming rhyme

He’d given his big grin

And I struggled for a while

As it nearly did me in.

I’d so laboured to find

A rhyme for cultured arse

And Big Dave’s laughter

Almost turned it into a fa
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That's Poverty

That's Poverty

Thats Poverty:

When you work for a week

And your hourly pay rate

Is so abysmally low it's

Topped up by the state,

And you run out of money

With the week only just begun

And you’re classed as a scrounger

By the intellectuals of The Sun,

And you have to make the choice

Sometimes to eat or heat

And luxury would be

A weekly taste of meat.

Clothed courtesy of charity shop

And you try to keep your pride,

Try to hold
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Mom Is Singing With the Angels Today

There is a blessing that I haven´t heard yet but will hopefully one day shall.
It is with me standing on the banister of Heaven listening to Mom sing with the angels.
Mom was an alto while upon the earth but I believe she will be a soprano there.
Singing the high notes and sharing her love of God; in song.
There are many times I will be able to hear Mom sing and give praise to God.
It could be that I am able to join her while singing and giving praise to Him.
Imagine me singing before Jesus and knowing He is enjoying the song.
What a blessed event that will be for
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Strive to Serve the Lord With All You Have

Strive to serve the Lord with all you have.
Don´t ever become a weight to try and pull another down.
Be firm with your commitment and declaration of service.
Build upon the Scriptures to make it a personal matter to bless others.
The Scriptures are the instructions we have to carry out our lives.
Let it be known of all time you are doing this for the Lord and only Him.
No enumeration of any kind is acceptable for you are doing God´s bidding.
Striving to serve the Lord with all you have is a most intelligent move.
For it is pleasing to the Lord where the blessin
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Be a Worker In God's Vineyard

There is a spiritual vineyard that God owns.
We are to give ourselves over to God for what He has done within our hearts.
This is one of the things we are to do which is to work without enumeration; in His vineyard.
We are to seek God´s will for our lives and surrender our wills to him.
Never sit idly by and do nothing when there is always something one is able to do.
If you are a singer; then sing for Jesus.
If you are an orator, preach until Jesus calls you Home.
Since God has saved us we are to do all we can do without any enumeration of any kind and honestly
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No Night So Long

No night so long has there ever been when my dad passed away.
I remember going out on the porch to have a smoke and when I returned Dad took his last breath.
It grieves me today to think I almost missed his Home going since I know he is; in Heaven today.
The pain was an awesome thing to consider.
But it was there facing me and no way out of the situation.
Jesus knew what was best and taking my dad was what was right.
I have to give praise to God for always doing the right thing.
I have something to look forward when I am required to give up my soul.
My life may
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Poetry by poetic2050
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Poetry by Elsie
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Poetry by johnoe
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