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Poetry by poetryministry

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Autumn Time

Autumn Time

Digging a hole in the dirt
to plant a sunflower seed
hoping in a week I will see
it begin to grow.

How I love to see the happy
face of a simple sunflower
they have a certain way
to make you smile.

Besides they are food for birds
after they say good-bye to
the happy world.

When Autumn season
appearing with color, red
orange yellow leaves
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A soft marshmallow sky at the edge of the world when storms pass by
A gentle rain where thirst maintains, a light dust of snow or lazy breeze
A paradise that kiss man's eyes.
Some say a fairytale was born, in the corner of timeless peace and still seas
A home of Royalty.
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Eternal Glory

Eternal Glory

Glory connected to inner-self
attached to wisdom submerged
deeply within cosmic space.

Complication explained within forces
of intellectual knowledge forming
together from one into beings
of extraordinary power.

Interference intrude diligently
with no complications to complete
universe acknowledgement of
dimensional true existence.

Eternal glory consumes all demons
corrupting thoughts tempting to hold
back radiance followed majestically
grace of Mother Universe.

Let us know
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Ephemeral Life

Ephemeral Life

The heartaches of living are many

The comforts of living are few;

The truths we are told are not many

And the lies we were told have come true.

Anxiety's anguish and burnings

That trust, now frustrated brings

The endless sorrows and yearnings

Are lost in the exhaustion of things.

We're done with the frivolous fancies

They sufficed in times of the past;

When we gathered the poppies and pansies

We knew the dream couldn't last.

When all who ar
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Calling Help

In the last days it will be,

God will pour out His Spirit;

Your sons and daughters will see,

What they will then inherit.

You will be seeing visions,

While old men will dream dreams;

When there will be collisions,

Fights with someone that blasphemes.

Some of the women and men,

He will pour out His Spirit;

Waits for the final amen,

Justified for their merit.

For they will then prophesy,

Unto the world of the truth;

Although many will deny,

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Please, visit the site for the poem. Text on Picture is not visible here.

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