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Poetry by ladydp2000

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What is meant to be
What is meant to be
If its true love, let it go, and it will come back, to you for free happily

When a door slams shut
A window will widely open up

What ever is meant to be will be
Will come back to you and me happy lovingly and free

What may have been, before and now is gone
Has left because it was not meant to be, and did not belong

Good, great, and grand to one and all will find its way, and--COME
As patiently, as prayerfully, we pray, GODS, --WILL--not --mine --BE,-- heavenly--blessedly---DONE

Just keep, breathing, and-know-thay-the suns go
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S m o k i n g
S M O K I N G.--- And.- T O K I N G
Especially. -Young. -People.- They.- Really. -Really.- Think.- That. -Its.- Cool.- And. - JOKING

But -one -day,- when -they -get -OLDER--and--WISER--they --wont --be --so --brash --tough --cool --joking --and --bold --when-- with --there --very--very--very--BREATH--------they -----WILL ----be-CHOKING-CHOKING-CHOKING-CHOKING--and--choking--just--from--smoking--and--toking
One --day --LATTER-- than --SOONER-- all --folks --who --loved --loved --loved--to --be --smoking --smoking--toking-and --toking --laughing --laughing---and --JOKING

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Just listen very carefully,exactly what a person,just exactly will say
Just listen very CAREFULLY, exactly, WHAT a person will SAY
Because BETWEEN, the LINES there is so so so much MORE, that they did not share and say, in EVERY WAY

Listen to another, very, thoughtfully, and very carefully
So --as --you ---WILL----WIN, ---there --- LOVING, ---BOND---of---TRUST-- and --then --they --will --speak, --and --open --up ---HEARTFULLY---, OPENLY--- and ---COMPLETELY--/, and ---YOU, ---will ---MAKE---them---FEEL---- GREATLY-----and-------ELITELY

Not --many --take --the --PATIENCE-- or --EVEN---TIME
To --sit --still, --silent --alert, --engaged --an
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ameriKKKan White Gold
White cotton transformed their hearts to black,

No reparations... no payback,

Life sentences on Southern plantations,

Generational racial incarceration,

The Big House...

White House...

Land misappropriation...

Dead Native Americans and..

Cotton plantations...

White Gold, globalisation;

Slavery gives birth to a nation.

Devil or man...

Stolen land,

Slight of hand,

Human trafficking,

Compassion lacking,

Fortunes to be made...

On the backs of the enslaved,

Truth must
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I dont HAVE, to SAY, anything, i will let my ACTIONS--REALITY--BRING
I dont have to say, anything, i will be very quiet, and very,very, QUIET, with, FOCUS, and WILL, let REALITY--BRING
I know, and i REALIZE, that , all, that MATTERS, really, for us all, IN our, life living, , and LOVE, first, and formost,and, MOST, IMPORTANTLY, is to, LOVE, HONOR, and , RESPECT, wirh, ALL, of, our, HEART, MIND, BODY, and SOUL--JESUS--CHRIST--OUR--SAVIOR--and--ALMIGHTY--KING--of--all--KINGS

For,-- in,--our--, LIFE,--LIVING--and--LOVE--when--WE--try--to--MAKE--SENSE--of--THINGS--that--dont--MAKE--ANY--SENSE
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I KNOW, that i WRITE,but to SPEAK, to any others, i KNOW, i must KEEP, SILENT, to MySELF
I ,KNOW, ,that ,i ,WRITE, but ,to ,SPEAK, to ,any, OTHERS, i ,KNOW, that ,i ,MUST,just ,KEEP, my ,FEELING-,--between--- ME,-- and --GOD, --and, ---to----MYSELF

Because, im, really, starting, to, FEEL, UNRAVELED, and i, have, --REALLY--sacrificed---and----worked,--- too, ---HARD,--- too,--- LONG, ---to, ---LOSE---my ---FOCUS, ---and---COMMITMENT---on,--- my,--- MISSION,--- QUESTS, ---and ---, GOALS, ---with,--- My---, HEALTH, ---as, ---MY, ---LONGEVITY,---HEALTH, ---and,-----WEALTH

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~WELCOME TO DREAMLAND~ Read my Poems to Know me. I am in my poems.

Poetry by poetic2050
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Poetry by countrypoet
Poetry inspired by faith, delivered by love, and anointed by the Holy Spirit

Poetry by Elsie
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Poetry by johnoe
Feedback and critique requested.

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