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Poetry by poetry2231

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When night winds whisper of ancient lore,
When moon's pale beams shine no more;
When dark clouds thicken and coalesce;
When deeds are performed but never confessed.

When lightning flares without a sound;
When hushed silence reigns upon the ground;
Then constellations align in deepest space,
And portals open to an alien place.

There lurk ancient evils, warped and twisted:
Their foul deeds myriad, too many to be listed.
Acidic venom dripping from their slavering jaws,
Clacking mandibles and giant crablike claws.

Long banished from this realm by dem
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Softly danced along my path at
misty dawn, grateful with deep
gratification that my life was laid
out like a map to follow, helping
many who needed a voice to hear.

I cross my heart in grace, bringing
forth all I've done in life was for
a very special reason, a new life
of knowing, appearing into mind
all my very special ones, I've loved
helped, letting them find themselves
within, letting the light shine through
bringing God back, with faith
love, evolving, growing and living
just for the momen
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God Is Love
Let us love each other,
Because love is from God;
Like sister and brother,
As to honor and laud.

Whoever loves the Lord,
Also is born of God;
And they are not ignored,
Knows He is not a fraud.

If you do not have love,
Also do not know God;
Knows not Heaven above,
Consider Him a fraud.

Love is made manifest,
Since God sent us His Son;
So, we live and be blest,
In all that He had done.

Not that we have loved God,
Rather that He loved us;
Cured us where we are flawed,
Propitiate as thus.

God sent His only Son,More »

King Tiger-wings

King Tiger-Wings

Tiger- wings was a King within the forest

He loved his Queen with all his heart

Lady Dove was his one and only love

Years of peace filled their forest stead

Her cooing sighs were the song that filled his head

One day the monsoons rage in

Lady Dove fell from high

Her wings were broken she could not fly

The danger of coiled serpents surround Queen dove

Her cries for help summoned Tiger -Wings her true love

He snatched his Queen from the coils of death

Soon his Queen exhaled
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Miracles Happen

Miracles Happen

Print your eyes in my mind
collect no thoughts that twinkle
bright upon each silent glance.

Capture not the one I see within
but the one that can see beyond

Mystifying images floating across
hearts sweet dreams, words
materializing in miraculous form
where mother touched each
flower with love.

How wondrous she sheds her fresh
sweetness across vast unknown
wilderness wild and free.

Stare into the darkness of your
shadowy light pronouncing your
inner wisdom.More »

Because Jesus called
I came out of her because Jesus called
I will beckon to Jesus all

I am God's child I'm born again
I know jesus is mighty and my friend

He sent His Spirit His angels to me
How I know Jesus died on that blessed tree

By His stripes I am healed
I'm filled with justice and love and zeal

Thank you dear Spirit for God's praise
It will be another praise that i raise


Love Michelle Lee Carter

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Poetry by Elsie
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