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Poetry by poet5170

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Welcome to My Po ...

Welcome to My Po ...
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Welcome to My Po ...



she's preciously frail and white
a singular puff-cloud negotiating
the sky of darker clouds
dressed in daisy flannel
she sits wide-eyed in front
of a blaring box whose
language for her is inscrutable
as the shadow of my presence
hello isn't a word
that registers
until some light enters into her
unseeing eyes
I'm lost as she
tossed within the sea of her mind.

legal copyright for this poem
directly to the page
and also for this writer

Melissa A Howells
and also for this legally copyrighted site title

Meloo Straigh
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Forevermore 2

Foreveremore 2

A simple loving smile filled the room that cold day.
The fireplace was sharing warmth. In every way.
Our infant son curled on your chest gave my soul a peaceful rest.
I see the comfort in your face, as our bundle of joy sleeps in warm dream's grace.
Days that live on in the melody of care is the song our life will share.
So in a flash where memories lay, rejoice their return on a cold winter's day.
Love grew from the moment's pass and revisits with vintage wine to fill our class.
Life is but an open door, that comes full circ
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Your Thoughts

Your Thoughts

Thoughts flow without knowing
reasons gone into another
time of life, a life of stability
growing once again.

Strange and different thoughts
growing deep..Thoughts of simple
days without worry, a peaceful
heart, loving thoughts of years
that were beautiful in their
own time..

Thoughts of today, with hope
in the heart, taking each and
every day for what it's worth.

Thoughts of positive things
bringing pleasure to the mind
no thoughts of evil things, a
part of what all men
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A young man´s mantra

A young man’s mantra

Pay heed to where thy hand explores,

In placket, blouse or pinafore,

For once a damsel has thy scent,

She may plead more than sport my friend.

Thy sneaky feet may craft and dance,

But look before they leap perchance,

Manhandled sweet voluptuous skin,

May spill the beans to kith or kin.

I’d heed the signs if I were thee,

When chambering it’s hard to see,

What’s plain as flame in broad daylight,

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Sundry exhortation

Forget not what you were taught,

Let your heart keep His commands;

You will not become distraught,

Faced from the daily demands.

They will provide a long life,

As they add a well-being;

Help you to cope with the strife,

The scope how you are seeing.

Do not let truth and mercy,

Allowing them to depart;

Avoiding controversy,

By writing them in your heart.

You will be finding favor,

Having an understanding;

A smile on your Savior,

Rather than r
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Mountain Mystifying Light 2
Mountain Mystifying Light 2

The cavern gave the village climbers shelter from the wind and squalling snow.
The seven of us, somewhat rested, we're ready to approach the top of the mountain.
Upon leaving, we passed an ice structured fountain that seemed so out of place.
Clear waters streamed at a steady pace my heart was starting to race.

As we walked out of the cavern I heard the flutter of wings, an army of Angels aligning;
The exit of the cavern, swords of silver and gold, the path was guarded, with the Angels of Old.
The mystifying light glowed all about t
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