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Poetry by poet5170

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Praise to the Creator
By the Word of the Lord,
That the heavens were made;
For nothing was ignored,
Magnificently displayed.

By the breath all their host,
From His mouth coming out;
And with the Holy Ghost,
Not shedding any doubt.

The waters of the sea,
He gathers as a heap;
As they are flowing free,
Storehouses in the deep.

Let the entire earth,
Be revering the Lord;
Worship from time of birth,
And be in one accord.

He spoke and came to be,
He called for and stood firm;
Everything could see,
For lasting the long term.

The Lord bri
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I Worship You
I lift my eyes to the lofty sky,
In silent homage to my Lord on high.
I am redeemed by the precious blood He shed,
Hanging on a rugged cross, for me He bled.

Any talent I may have, all that is good in my life,
Is gifted from above, where beauteous treasures are rife.
Any act of worship, any obeisance I might offer,
Is paltry compared to the jewels in His coffer.

Lord of Lords, King of Kings, He rules supreme above all;
The disconnect with man is due to OUR fall.
Lord of Hosts, I humble myself before your majesty;
All that I am, I freely offer unto thee.
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Prodigal´s Return
The Prodigal Son had returned,
His dad was in despair,
Gone to slaughter the fatted calf
But the blighter wasn´t there.
Rustled by some townies
For quick and easy gain
And very rapidly sold
To a dodgy restaurant chain.

Quickly butchered and cooked.
So no evidence could be seen,
Served up on builders´ rubble
As advanced nouvelle cuisine.
Enjoyed by a Convention
Of rich Luxury Glampers
Who washed down their steaks with
Gallons and quarts of Champers.

There´s no justice to this story
For the rustlers were never caught
And the restau
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Royal Ball
Royal Ball

Unleash the Dragon, let him bring the heat!
He is a creature you may not want to meet.
His slanted eyes reveal the lies of man's deceptive ways,
He easily breathes fire and releases
flames anytime night or day

Lookout for a shift of wind you could end up
Like a toasted marshmallow, and your frame
Could become hollow, with certain death to follow
So if you know the direction of the wind,
You could keep safe and sound, which is so
Much better than chasing flames around

The Dragon told a story of his father and Kingly Knights of old<
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Poetry by poetic2050
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Poetry by Elsie
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Poetry by godspoetwriter
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