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Poetry by poetic2050

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Inspired by a poem "QUANTITY vs QUALITY" by Elsie ~ poet5170
And a poem "Quality Beats Quantity" by Robert ~ roberthaigh.
Thanks Elsie and Robert for the inspiration.

Please, visit the site for the poem. Text on Picture is not visible here.

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Happiness, is like a BREATH, of--FRESH--AIR
So refreshing, so fulfilling, so, thrilling, beyond, any in--COMPARE

A -BREATH-of-FRESH--AIR--makes---one--feel--so--alive--and--COMPLETE
Finding, a soul-mate, in your life, living, and love--will--make--you--feel--blessed--special--and--ELITE

Like a fresh breath, of --AIR
Having, the special, love, of another, is greater than, any other in--COMPARE

Like --a --fresh --breath-- of --air,-- two --loving, --people,-- feel --as --one,-- so --FULFILLED--THRILLED--and--COMPLETE
Like --a --breath --Of --fresh --air, --true
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Be positive, uplifting, and encouraging
Be --positive, --uplifting, --and---ENCOURAGING
Not, down, dreary, resentful, hateful,- and -complaining,--with--angry--negatively---DISCOURAGING

Listen -to -the -wind ----smoothly---soothingly---refreshingly----gently---BLOW
Look -at -the --beautiful,-- full,-- moon, --and--distant--mysterious--star--light--in --the --midnight--magic--GLOW

Don't- dwell, -on -the -hurts,-harms,- disappointments, -set-backs, -wrongs,- and -harms -of -the----PAST
Don't- bring -that --darkness,-and-negativity, -into -the --positive-light-, don't -mention -it -to -any -other,- not -even -
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Can't spell
Avoid work
going on vacation for a few weeks
See you when I return
Need more money to cure addicted in tent city
Raise the rents in old folkes homes
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Sex appeal

Sex appeal

She isn't especially outgoing, there's no

Scout from Paramount on her tail, but there's

Something you can't buy for money, in her

Manner, her walk and her ways

She isn't what you might call self-centred

In fact, I would say that she's shy, but there's

Something that cries out 'she's got it,' in

The way that she draws a man's eye

She isn't too high or too mighty, although

Her reserve
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its begun
the forced Exodus
don't believe the news

then it reaches your doorstep

long-time friend
green card expired
came here married
now has two young sons

the Mother
alcoholic and meth addict
in prison serving time

your friend
recently unemployed
nearly living in a tent

immigration came to his van
knocked on the door
carted him off in cuffs
to the jail

gave him a set date
less than two weeks to prepare
to have his life turned upside down

the mother was drinking
her entire pregnancy
on a dail
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My Book Desperado's Gold
Jackie R. Kays (Author), Teel James Glenn Buck Horton's brother was an outlaw. The only thing

~WELCOME TO DREAMLAND~ Read my Poems to Know me. I am in my poems.

Poetry by poetic2050
Feedback and critique requested.

Poetry by countrypoet
Poetry inspired by faith, delivered by love, and anointed by the Holy Spirit

Poetry by Elsie
*WELCOME TO MY WORLD* ~ Read my poems full of fact, fiction and fantasy.

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Title: POET'S LAMENT spoken word poetry
By: Richard Carlton
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