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Poetry by thepoetess

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Many times, in many ways,
God spoke to our fathers;
That we are in the last days,
But maybe never bothers.

Through the prophets that God spoke,
As was spoken by His Son;
Appointed heir that awoke,
The souls that lives had been done.

The heir of everything,
For He created the world;
The goodness that all will bring,
From what the plan had unfurled.

His glory is radiant,
The brightest and the purest;
For He was obedient,
With justice the surest.

His strict imprint of nature,
Has uphold the universe;
The power that would fe
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I believe Jesus loved us unconditionally and without any expectations. We are not perfect like Jesus.
His love is True Love. We are not perfect and even after loving with heart and soul our love is
not like his love because there are still some expectations left in us. He sacrificed his life and
not many of us would do that in love. Not only in romantic love but in love of any kind.
This is why it is so rare to see true love like the way Jesus loves us.

Please, visit the site for the poem. Text on Picture is not visible here.

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It is hard to see the art from heart become broken and torn.
The light of hope dims, and a chill walks in.
Perhaps there will be a time when it will repair.
Perhaps I'll find hope will rise from despair.
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Cranky Moccasin in a Cap

Cranky Moccasin In a Cap

Gather round the campfire I have a story to tell.
There is an old black snake with an attitude from hell.
His name was Ebony, so we called him Eb, in these parts he's known well.
Near the muddy banks of the Mississipi is the place he dwells.
Just a mile away his kin would play,
They have no hospitality, rude, crude an indignant was their reality.
One day as the snakes were at play two fishing men came their way.
Needless to say, they were never seen again after that day.
Eb and his family took all evidence astray.
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We all know that our death
is a certainty and is inevitable
and still it has that effect on us
which is very hard to shrug off.

"what is the point in living
if we are going to die one day?"
I still don´t know the answer
to that question I ask my self.

We all try to be happy but
to be happy cannot be the
main goal of staying alive.
Happiness is very illusive.

Once I wrote living for others
a good thing but now I doubt
that to be the main purpose of
our life just living for others.

We came in
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Do not let the bridge get burnt.
We all have relations and degree
of intimacy varies and level of
Communication can vary from full
Physical face to face contact to
Just a message as a text or email.

Sometimes we lose contact with
people in our lives and it's easy
to lose contact when communication
is minimum and bridge gets burnt
When that minimum contact is lost.

If we value that contact then we
have to safeguard that contact by
maintaining that minimum level
of communication and save the
only bridge from
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Poetry by poetic2050
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Poetry by Elsie
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Poetry by CountryPoet
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