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Poetry by poet10568

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Together we are the true reflective stars
as we form one pulse of light
in the night sky of our luminous dreams.

You, me, perfecting radiance
filling us in with brilliant adornments,
sending us through ripples of star-waves.

No one else has made me shine as brightly,
only you, only us. We are the ever radiant stars,
the ever opalescent moons of our universe.

When we are together no one else exists;
for everyone orbits around us and is consumed
by all of the glorious flashes of light that surround us.
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Stand up its time
Stand up its time
Greater men have died for him
Stand up its your life
Regret comes from never having tried
Ask the questions
That make you seem scared
Stand up its time
Greater is he
With faith to carry on
Stop and think fear never gets you any where
Stand up its time
Read his word
Free the space to pray all day
Fast if you can
Hold on to Jesus
Stand up its time
Holy Jesus thanks for everything
Its time
Stand up its time
Cast away your fear and doubt
For the Joy will enter in
The Joy of the spirit
Is a freedom all should shar
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A child shows EMPATHY, care and concern
a childs innocence, and sweetness, is something to be admired , respected, and learned

A child shows even EMPATHY, for a small baby BUG
that they see climbing on a rug

A child they are so sweet and innocent
a child, shows no hate or discontent

We need to remember how a childs innocence and sweetness
treats all living things even a flower, with EMPATHY, LOVE, CARE, CONCERN, COMPASSION, and RESPECT, so much more, and none the LESS

Unconditionally, a child has great EMPATHY,and LOVE, for everybody, and EVERYTHING
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Sing For His Grace
Do you sing for his grace
An open space for truth to linger in
To terry through the fields
Open hearts and minds fulfilled
By grace he saved us forward to victory
Now's the real time for Joy
For forgiveness follows
And the wind blows
All the rivers sing a song
The trees sound as wind blows bye
The shadows fade and the light of the lord reigns
Galaxies flame to a start of a new
And the time wastes away to be no more
But every beginning is beautiful
And every beginning makes life seem new
All the oceans rush to the shore
And I feel Joy
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Praise Pure Hearts

Purify me from sin,
So I will then be clean;
Rid me of within,
The mistakes that have been.

Wash me both in and out,
To be whiter than snow;
Relieve me of the doubt,
With Your glory to glow.

Let me hear sounds of joy,
Filled with songs of gladness;
Letting my bones deploy,
Chasing away sadness.

Hide Your face from my sin,
Wipe out what I did wrong;
So I get discipline,
Let not the guilt prolong.

Make a clean heart in me,
Renew a right spirit;
Allow Your Spirit to see,
My deeds are true merit.

Do not cast m
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