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Poetry by sunshine12

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Think of me

I really haven’t left you
I’m only going home
Think of me and smile for a while

Feel your heart within you
And sing with every beat
Think of me and smile for a while

Walk on meadow grasses
Feel them soft beneath your feet
Think of me and smile for a while

Remember pleasant moments
Hold them deep inside
Think of me and smile for a while

I’ll always be with you
Walking by your side
Think of me and smile for a while
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I sing for me
cage me if you think you can,
you cannot stop my song be heard.
the song I sing..I sing for me.

this cage of bars,
this cage of steel,
cannot stop my song I sing.

clip my wings,
you think you must,
I still soar
you cannot silence my echoed voice.

trample on my hopes and dreams,
you will not stop me,
I am still free.

and at the end,
you will see,
when my heart is still,
I still sing....
I sing.....
for me.
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You were once far away,
But now through Jesus Christ;
No longer do you stray,
No longer be enticed.

For you have been brought near,
Because the blood of Christ;
Has shown you to revere,
To the one sacrificed.

So He is our peace,
In His body He made;
All hostilities cease,
No longer be afraid.

He ended the commands,
As to what Moses taught;
Alleviating demands,
That all the laws had sought.

So Gentile and Jew,
As one humanity;
And any sins for you,
Not as a vanity.

He brought them back to God,
One body b
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An alcoholic mother and a rather sullen step-dad,
Meant happy times for Judee as a child were seldom had.
When she started dating men she always made bad choices,
And never seemed to listen to any warning voices.

Judee and her dead-beat boyfriend robbed a liquor store;
Their getaway was clean, so they robbed several more.
They pushed their luck too far and predictably were caught.
He got jail, and Judee got reform school, in short.

She played church organ in that place of correction,
And then on her release she s
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Take It Easy

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I missed you more this morning
Like I had never missed nought before
I missed your cheeky smile
As I looked through open door
I missed the sound of laughter
As the sun rose in your eyes
I missed my first good morning hug
And this just made me cry´
Then I missed you in the evening
When the sun was going down
I missed my daily goodnight hug
I missed this warmth I´d found
I missed the thought of just knowing
You were only a moment away
Learning more with each new breath
With every game you played
Now I´ll miss you every moment
Till I
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Poetry by poetic2050
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Poetry by countrypoet
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Poetry by Elsie
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Poetry by johnoe
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