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Poetry by poet1577

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More Than A Shadow
An aching restlessness stirs within,
a portent of change, of something new
and I welcome something beyond this
hour, from the circumstances surrounding.
Not from want or even from need do I long
for something other, but from a spirit of
adventure. A part of me that longs to move
and wander. To see that which is just over
the next hill, just over the far horizon.

How long is this life? I cannot know this.
I am a shadow crossing the walls of time,
and not content with just being, but yearn to
see that which I´ve never seen, be somewhere
I have never
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Fellowship For Christ.An Acrostic

From Heaven´s portals the new day comes.
Ever reminding us to be glad and happy we have a new day.
Love, in our hearts, is freely given to us by God.
Long have the days come and gone when we have travailed over lost souls.
Our mission and purpose is to win those to Christ Jesus.
With a heart full of love and forbearance , do we love the one who needs Jesus.
Simply because it is the right thing to do.
Honoring the Lord is the thing we should find ourselves doing.
In everything we give praise and adoration to God.
Praying always for the lost one who needs Jesus i
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Facing a New Day

The Lord has granted you a new day of excitement and wonder.
With the new day comes expectancies that will charge the mind to act.
Given the option of experiencing the new day or stay in the old one is left up to you.
You can force yourself to accept the new day and live it as you would any other.
Or you can choose to live in yesterday and become a fool.
For a fool will reach back for yesterday instead of marching on to another day.
Don´t be a fool but go for the new day and claim it as your´s.
For the Lord has freely given the new day to you as a gift.
He e
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When the Morning Comes

Nighttime has ended and the new day is here.
When the morning comes is a time to revere and be happy.
For the shadows of the night are now gone and the brightness of the light is upon us.
When the morning comes the fears of the night are vanquished.
They have no bearing; upon the new day.
Joy envelopes our being and the pleasant thoughts are ours.
Be happy for having the new morning and acknowledge it when the morning comes.
Knowing as we should there will be the same thing to happen tomorrow.
As God has planned for it happening it will in good measure.
(© Po
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The Spontaneity of Lyle B.

The spontaneity of Lyle is something special.
He was a man who was always thinking and acting on what he believed.
Lyle would be spontaneous and quick to do something,
But he, most of the time, thought it through before doing anything.
I have a deep love for Lyle B. for the man he was and remains to be.
The spontaneity is a part of him that was well known by all.
I cherish the love that was mine thanks to him loving me.
The heart he had for me was something most special.
If you could have only known him as I was able to you´d have someone who was a friend for sur
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