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Poetry by celestialeternity

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Hide Not Your Face

Let this be written for the day,

Of the future generations;

That the people learn to obey,

And become as new creations.

The Lord created that we praise,

Looking down from His holy height;

While we honor Him always,

Shining blessings of a pure light.

He hears the groans of suffering,

Setting free of those doomed to die;

Comforting those by buffering,

Through their torment making them cry.

They declare the name of the Lord,

In Jerusalem as they praise;
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Fight or Flight Mode

Fight or Flight Mode:

Fight or Flight mode has taken control,

Our potential future my flight mode has stole!

The uncertainly of your feelings is too much for me,

So I sabotage our happiness to protect me!

My heart feels heavy!

What can I say,

My flight mode has protected me

Up to this day!

Being vulnerable is like a thrashing cable full of sparks!

Sending shock waves around my body & straight to my heart!

There is a feeling of safety now that you&rsquo
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Unregulated Emotions!

Unregulated Emotions:

My breathing feels shallow,

A heavy heart.

Confused by my emotions

Where do I start?

I feel euphoric when I am around you,

But the distance creates doubt?

A thrashing cable of emotions,

A cluster of sparks.

I had some insecurities, right from the start!

You are beautiful, intelligent

& confident too.

I am drawn to that positive energy in you.

I start wondering whether you can really see,

The complex web that
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I envision a World
Where the color of your skin
Or your religion
Whether you are gay or straight
Whatever your background or beliefs
Do not keep dividing us
For beneath this flesh and bones
We are all human beings
With very real issues
Emotional and spiritual struggles
Striving for Unity
And Peace on Earth

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/s-KAvPbO8JY? rel=0&amp;autoplay=1"frameborder="0" allowfullscreen><
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Do not live for power
do not love for power
do not vote for power
do not be controlled
by power.

If you let power control
your heart, power will
swallow you whole without
any conscious what so

Live by the power of your
heart, soul, and mind
do not think your voice
cannot be heard.

Your voice will be heard
and all good people will
be healed and their paths
paved in gold.

Do not be believe in everything
that sounds too good t
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My Book Desperado's Gold
Jackie R. Kays (Author), Teel James Glenn Buck Horton's brother was an outlaw. The only thing

~WELCOME TO DREAMLAND~ Read my Poems to Know me. I am in my poems.

Poetry by poetic2050
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Poetry by Elsie
*WELCOME TO MY WORLD* ~ Read my poems full of fact, fiction and fantasy.

Poetry by godspoetwriter
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