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Poetry by poet5170

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Mom Was My Best Friend I Could Ever Know

Mom was my best friend that I could ever know.
Mom was always there to pick up the pieces when I fell apart because of someone or something.
I used to blame my parents for the poor grades I had in school and wouldn´t´ admit my own failure for having chosen the subjects but Mom was forgiving of that and toward me.
I later learned it was my doings for having chosen the courses I did without my parents approval.
Guilty parties always wish to blame someone else for their mistakes and sins.
I learned a long time ago how wrong I was and now ask my late parents to somehow forgi
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Make the Day A Successful One

Despite what you may feel the day will be going according to plan with Jesus at the helm.
Make the day a successful one by using your faith to open the doors of Heaven´s storehouse.
Totally rely; upon the Lord, for the many things you wish to gain.
Seek the Lord´s face through prayer and supplications.
Be sure to be thankful to Him for all the things you have need and desire.
Never think of yourself as being ahead of God for you are a fool if you do.
Don´t profess something when you have no idea of what it all means.
Don´t use chicanery or a false fa´ade to get y
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Joy Is Found; In the Lord Jesus Christ

It is up to the Lord God to offer joy to a soul.
Joy is something that cannot be manufactured.
Neither is there joy ever when there is a fa´ade.
Chicanery simply doesn´t work and never will.
Immutable joy comes from the Lord God.
Through the Lord Jesus is how we experience the joy that God gives.
Only by Him are all things able to exists and fully live.
Let not one man ever feel they are above God for anything for the ones who do is Satan´s child and not God´s.
I would much rather be the poorest of Christians than to be rich with the things of the evil one.
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A Doll Named Rachel Elizabeth

Was toward the turn of the century back in 1899 that Rachel Elizabeth was placed; into the store window.
The proprietor was most happy to show off the new doll.
A little girl by the same name as the doll saw her; in the store window.
Pulling at her father´s cloak, she pointed at the doll.
Pointing to herself and then to the doll for she was dumb and unable to speak.
It got a hold of the father to going inside and purchasing Rachel Elizabeth.
It was around Christmastime so he had the doll delivered to his address.
The two, father and daughter, left the store with ex
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Mom's Unexpected Surprise One Christmas

Having seen Mom use the same bowls and things; in the kitchen, I wanted Mom to have something new.
So I bought her one Christmas shortly before she had passed away a whole new box of dishes and glassware plus silverware.
The total costs was only a few dollars but it was all I had to give Mom that year.
Placing it under the Christmas tree we had, Mom often would look at the box and wonder what was in it.
Then the big day came for us to open our gifts and to Mom´s surprise it was the dishes and everything there.
Mom looked at me and smiled which was my gift in return for w
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Glory to God Christmas Will Shortly Be Here

The greatest and grandest time of the year will take place in a matter of a few more weeks.
We have a month actually to wait before the great day arrives.
It is through the Lord´s goodness to we all that His birthday will be observed.
I feel this year is going to be an unexpected surprise awaits me for some reason.
I do hope the family I have will be forgiving and come to see me.
This is all I hope to receive this year and trust the Lord to send them.
Jesus is so patient and so kind to give us the desires of our hearts through faith believing.
Faith will open the
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