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Wheels of fortune

Wheels of fortune

We hear much these days about an ageing population and the burden of increased longevity on the state and on society in general. Old, seemingly portrayed as the fault of the individual, who from the state's point of view should have foreseen and planned for hard times ahead.

There isn't anyone on earth who isn't going to grow old and ultimately feel the burden and bewilderment that comes with age and retirement. Incomprehensible at first, but like winter it finally arrives. First the feeling of idleness then hopelessness and f
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High Jinks.1963
There was scandal in high places
With Chrissie Keeler on the scene.
In fact some thought it went
To nearly as high as the queen.
An aspiring good time girl
Who was seemingly kept handy
For those society occasions
Along with her friend Mandy.

Frequently seen at Clivenden,
Lord Astors Country estate,
Where she was said to frolic
Along with him and his mates.
Information on the scandal
Was kept a little patchy
But it seemed to involve
A Soviet military attache,

And our foreign secretary
The unwise John Profumo
So, a case of nation
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Such a wonder

Such a wonder

Walking the fields today I asked myself why do

Dock leaves grow so close to stinging nettles

And moreover, why do complex calculations

Work, why am I lost without my computer and

Why is the world so fascinated by black holes

Dark matter and time travel? Are these things

Connected in some way? I think they must be

We live on a three-dimensional platform heated

By the sun and cooled by its absence. A place

Conveniently organised into seasons
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Time warp

Time warp

The arrow of time pointing inexorably towards the

Future. Space-time, clock time, pastimes. So many

Times – so little time. I crossed time myself today

Coming face-to-face with a 1950s Pye radio/record

Player. A forgotten thermionic beauty not opened

Nor played for 50 years. There it sat waiting for

Someone to come along and love it again. To turn

On the power, heat up the valves (tubes) spin the

Disc bringing to life the voice of Michael Holliday

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The great outdoors

The great outdoors

Sleeping under the stars the mind is free to mingle

With the ancients travelling by aid of shooting stars

To a time when a 2am calm met a 3am mistral in a

Hurrying, scurrying short-lived atmospheric tango

That spoke of the wrath of an angry God

The great outdoors can be a scary place after dark

A place where the slightest noise is somehow

Magnified and the scratching of a mouse becomes

The winding of a snake and the legs of a beetle the

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Poetic Justice ii

There´s a poetic justice
Sometimes in this life
I´m in the kitchen hiding,
From the wrath of Dear Wife.
Last week stood on stage
She told the world out loud,
And to be honest there was
Quite a fair sized crowd,
About how I ranted and
Became temper tossed
As I looked around for
The things I´d just lost.

Now I´m in hiding as
She impatiently looks
For a little leather wallet
Of Crocheting hooks.
They´re not lost,
You must understand,
It´s just that theyre not
Coming readily to hand.
She knows very well
Just the other day More »

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