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Poetry by poeticbearlovestowrite

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~Spring Into Easter Dream~´
Dedicated in part
to a certain poet from the heart,
is this rainbowy enuff todo
for you know who?!?!

I'm a little chickadee
sharing an Easter Fantasy,
sunshine and rainbows and dreams oh my
lighting up a blackened sky
sunshine and rainbows and dreams oh my
lighting up a blackened sky
sunshine and rainbows and dreams oh my
lighting up a blackened sky....

I remember back in school
that time of year was so cool,
getting baby chicks all different colored fur
they would Spring thru the house at Easter!
Then I grew up and became that chick
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Farewell Winter
Winter I bid you farewell
I shall no longer dwell
Signs of you leaving
All winter my heart has been grieving
Green grass will sprout and grow
Flowers will bloom and put on their show
Birds, their lovely songs will sing
Butterflies will flutter and welcome Spring
God knows when its time for each season
Some things we just don't know the reason
As my heart deeply grieves
Trees will bud leaves
Beauty of Spring will surround me
I will escape with the breeze; feeling free
I will plant a special tree
A tree for him and me
On a warm Spring night
I wi
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There once was a man
Who said `yes I can,
I can write to you
If you want me to`.

But I stand and stare
My mail box is bare,
Where has my mail gone?
Maybe there was none!

Tomorrow I`ll see
Maybe there`ll be three,
Then there could be none
Where has my mail gone?

D`you think he forgot?
I surely hope not
Oh! Where is my mail?
It`s slow like a snail.

Could be a post strike!
Oh! What am I like?
Maybe that`s the cause
I`m clutching at straws.

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God's Great Masterpiece
When God created mothers
He made them stronger than all others
(Including fathers, uncles, nephews and brothers).

He gave all mothers nerves of steel
To cope with young kids who squeal
And older ones who argue a great deal.

He gave each mother a heart of gold
Containing great love untold,
Never to be bought or sold.

And He also made sure
That a mother's touch could cure
All cuts and abrasions, whether large or obscure.

And then, as if to disarm
Our fear and alarm,
God Gave all mothers a homely, earthly charm.

We take mothers for
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Solving the Mystery

By faith we have approval,
Giving us the peace with God;
And we have sin removal,
Confessing of being flawed.

Because of what our Lord,
Through Jesus Christ had been done;
That it cannot be ignored,
The mystery of the Son.

By faith we have an access,
Into grace wherein we stand;
And humbled as we confess,
The breaking of each command.

For it stands in your favor,
As we brag in confidence;
Of Christ as our Savior,
For easing our conscience.

So we rejoice in the hope,
For the glory of the Lord;
As we are trying to cope
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Why does the honey taste sweeter today?
Why do the roses smell so extraordinary?
Why is the cold air filled with such warmth?
Why is the cloudy sky looking sheer beauty?

Why is the dark wintery night so soothing?
Why are the rain drops looking like pearls?
Why am I floating in the air while walking?
Why is my heart now singing sweet songs?

Why is everything so bright and beautiful?
Why are the birds and bees look
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