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Poetry by curlyque

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Waking Time

Waking Time

Walk the fields of your heart dear one
capture what you find, what you see
will amaze the depth of you.

Searching the streams of freshness
will bring new insight to knowledge
and growth of self, it shall lead to

No light can be brighter, now you
really see, it's growing brighter as
the days start and end in it's songs
of sweetness.

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First Water skiing Tournament
First Water Skiing Tournament

Little Billy loved to water ski he did just what his mother told him to do riding the water in style
When his skies danced across the waves, Billy wore his first-class smile
One sunshiny day Billy was in the water, it was mornings first light
Billy must practice and improve his skill, to become stronger wiser as he felt the water's thrill
There would be a contest he had to do his very best Billy would practice being ready to pass the test

Three more days till the junior skiing tournament Billy was fit as a fiddle, he was ready to st
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Separation from God

Sorrowful yet rejoicing,

As poor yet having much wealth;

Concerns are not invoicing,

About your spiritual health.

You act like having nothing,

Except the clothes on your back;

Yet possess everything,

Except for the faith you lack.

We have been speaking freely,

Our hearts are open wide;

That is making you really,

Feeling empty deep inside.

You are never restricted,

But you restrict affections;

Your thoughts have contradicted,

Causing you some
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Plain Speakin'

why is some stuff precious
why is some stuff not

and some got to have it all
and some gots naught

some folks sure be something
but some not til its been bought
with their soul

let me tell ya
let me tell ya
it doesn't make any kind of sense
unless you gots the gold
but who does
it seems to me
we mostly doesn't
there might be a dozen cookies out there
but they the gots has eleven
and we be fightin' over that little last one
when is the change
and the promise gonna come

when I sally forth into
the gutters of my adopt
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Lee & Ida
Life is like the weather,
Never just calm,
Warm and pleasantly breezy,

And like the weather...
No one ever decreed...
Marriage to be something easy,

But the two of you made it through,
Every dark cloudy day and storm,
With strong faith and submission,
To the Creator being your norm,

No one but a fool of fools,
Would dispute that our Creator is great,
You two are the proof in the pudding,

Married and together...
Surviving through all types of weather...
Since nineteen sixty eight.

Happy Anniversary Cuz

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A small red light is seen at night

Above an empty road

Amongst the stars it follows cars

And frightens those on board

An eerie beam, a silent scream

There’s something up ahead

A quantum ray takes power away

And stops the engine dead

The doors won’t lock and to your shock

A figure stands nearby

Your nerves on end it moves and bends

To look you in the eye

As time stands still you feel the t
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~WELCOME TO DREAMLAND~ Read my Poems to Know me. I am in my poems.

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