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Poetry by dandy

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Writing for Peace
Writing is a great tool
for peace both inner and outer
the rumbles and riots around us
keep us locked up in our chains

The freeing power of writing
gets us in an unusual mood
reminds us of loving relationships
that our busy lives normally scorn

We can see ourselves
in a much higher place
as we write through the sky's limits
with clouds bursting with rain dew

The melting colors of sunlight
the sounds of creatures romping
the quiet and calming
of words building castles

We see an unexpected surprise
we discern something quaint and
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Imitate Christ

Things once considered of value,
Now considered worthless in Christ;
Because what I once did construe,
No longer do I feel enticed.

It is much more than all of that,
As I conceive everything;
To be worthless as a doormat,
For no pleasure no more they bring.

I am better off knowing Christ,
Since everything is worthless;
No longer does it feel sufficed,
Without knowing that God will bless.

So I threw all of it away,
In order for gaining His trust;
And not tempted to go astray,
By some kind of immoral lust.

For having a relat
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Three Minutes Until Midnight

People of earth, catastrophic fear
Is lurking everywhere!
The Doomsday clock is a metaphor
Used to warn and to prepare...

Seems scientific surveys indicate
The dawn of self-destruction!
Overpopulation! Food supplies
Reach an all time low reduction!

Many on certain continents
Suffer such mass starvation!
Disease is running a rapid race
In nation after nation!

Turmoil, unrest, uneasiness
Invading streets world wide!
Shootings, stabbings, plundering
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Five Months and Eighteen Days Will Be Christmas Day

I hope you are like Ebenezer with keeping Christmas all the year.
If not, then you have some time left before the big day happens.
There are five months and eighteen days left for the big day.
You can almost hear the bells jingling and the carolers caroling up and down the street.
Music is certainly part of Christmas time for everyone whether you can sing or not.
It is making a joyful noise to the Lord that matters.
There are expectations from the children of what it will be like this year.
Some of the homeless only wish for a warm meal and some cheer for their holi
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Ten Years and Five Months Ago

Dad passed away on the first day of February 2005.
Leaving behind my brother and myself.
He was a giving man and a hard worker.
Worked long hours at a job that paid pretty well but short changed him; in the end.
Dad was one to go to church and participated with the things going on at the time.
He was a greeter for a good while then they chose something else for Dad to do.
The job they gave him was to clean the church.
It was a great time for us to go for this purpose of taking care of God´s house.
It was then I was learning to play the piano.
I took a long
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The Damned Regrets I Have to Ponder

There are many regrets that course through my thinking every single day.
The greatest one of these is when I told Mom she was dumb.
Another was when I lost patience with my dad telling him I couldn´t believe him when it was on the other foot .
These are the damned regrets that torture me everyday for I can´t take them back.
There is never any right feelings of treating an older person but the right way.
It is up to us as a people to honor our aged and allow the dignity of living in a free world than to be put off to the side.
I have learned the right way and have bee
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