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Poetry by polyanthum

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Righteous Refuge
Give an ear to my words,
Consider my groaning;
Your doctrine of standards,
That causes my moaning.

For my meditation,
And the sound of my cry;
Looks for Your attention,
For seeing eye to eye.

You are my King and God,
For to You do I pray;
Giving honor and laud,
Who I trust and obey.

I know You hear my voice,
The morning I prepare;
A sacrificial choice,
Of myself that I share.

You never will delight,
Wickedness and evil;
Things that dwell in the night,
Conjured by the devil.

The boastful shall not stand,
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Blinkered men


Accosted upon the streets of Belfast by

a company of blinkered men.

Looking like the apes we are evolved from.

Though thugs came more to mind.

Now you,brought up man must realize

How can that be, we are made in Gods likeness.

Oh okay let’s look at this sensibly, first off

I know, that the only understanding of God is,

There is no understanding, the concept has to

Be a personal
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And the fine will be ...

And the fine will be ...

And lo, it came to pass that with

Few jobs and a shortage of money

Fines for misdemeanours followed

The course of the great depression,

When food became legal tender,

And twenty potatoes was enough to

Clear a fine for running a red light.

Two carrots and a stick of celery,

Paid the price for being caught out

On the street without due cause,

Whilst a sack of flour and two

Chickens kept the taxman at bay.

Attempting to illegally board
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Jungle Jinks
It was break time in the Jungle
The elephant took his chance
To ask the lady hippo
If she'd like to dance.

The Leo Lion Combo,
Sax drums guitar and bass,
Mightily played away
So music filled the space.

Twenty seven giraffe
Employed just for the night
Carried rigs to Illuminate
From their great height,

With strobes and spots
And dimmers and flash.
The Zebra formation troupe
Performed with zeal and dash.

The chimp in the corner
Made obeisance to the Gnu
As they joined the Palais Glide
Proceeding two by two by two.

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Just Chuntering (after Brexit)
They say we´re bad losers
Asking for a Referendum rerun
But if the outers had lost
That´s what they would have done
Mr Farage
Odious man
Seems to have forgotten
That was his plan.

The Sun calls protesting
Marchers bad loser hordes
And the media quietly forgets
About Tory election frauds.
Mr Tony Blair
He of the ever open gob
Is inciting
The Jeremy hating mob.

Chilcot comes out soon
Hope they´ve got it right
But I bet its odds on
Blair comes out lily white.
The soldiers who did their duty,
Who, on his orders fought,
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Weekends in Wales
They keep a welcome in the hillsides
They kept a welcome in the vales
For we always get a welcome when
Visiting Jack and Judy in Wales
And we do a lot of of eating
And we do a lot of talking
And if the weather´s right
Do a fair bit of walking

Up along the Beacons
Jack in his guiding role
Nothing to strenuous really
More a pleasant easy stroll
And we solve the worlds problems
In our convivial way
As we slowly wind down
At the end of each convivial day.

When it´s leaving day
We never really want to go
But we know we´ll soon returnMore »

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