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Poetry by joned

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The Losing Way

Teach and encourage people,
In doing things that are good;
As mentioned in the Gospel,
The godly things that you should.

Those teaching a false doctrine,
That agrees not with the Word;
Has committed deadly sin,
For preaching what is absurd.

They are the conceited one,
Not thinking of others;
Considering not the Son,
Neither about their brothers.

He shows not to understand,
With a sickly desire;
To be the one in command,
Building his own empire.

He is jealous a rival,
To the ones true to the Word;
Thinking of self sur
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Thoughts become words

Naked or with masks

Intensions twist

Cherished ego postures

Opening my mouth

Grace flows

Or is it manufactured?

Is it fresh, alive, vital

Or is it mechanical?

Truth simply is

It is presence

My mind judges facts

Picks and chooses

Colors the isness

Shades my mind to the sun

Protecting my fragile ego

From the perceived harshness

Of reality


A peace treaty

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World Turned Black
the world turns black
in days smothered in white
mounds of virgin snow
and I don the garb of shadows
warmed by gray chilling hours
where truth burns the senses
with merciless biting reality

there is no fear of the black
days and nights for in them I am
being purged of fantasy and folly
rolled tightly in a ball of recollection
allowing the past to go its way
letting present certainties teach me
while the future waits patiently

not wanting to reveal its circumstances
for fear I may wish to linger here in the
season of now and languish in t
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Christmas Should Be the Happiest Time of Year

Jesus is the King of kings and the Lord of lords.
This is His birthday we are celebrating; in a matter of days.
Christmas should be the happiest time of year for all people.
The non-believers are to their own notion but they are missing out on something most wonderful.
Everyone has a right to themselves but when it comes to Jesus we should be in acceptance of Him and His love.
He came to die for our sins and get us right to meet the Father.
Jesus is the only One Who ever rose from the dead and it is He we should follow.
Allowing Jesus to have first place within ou
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Facing the Temptations and Winning

The easiest way to win over temptation is by seeking Jesus the first thing.
For you are not strong enough to do it on your own accord.
People fall into many temptations simply because they are not seeking Jesus.
They totally forget about running to Him and escaping the tempter.
For those who don´t know the tempter you will recognize him by another name--the devil.
The primary thing to do and to know is he is out to ruin you as a person and if you are a Christian to ruin your testimony for Jesus´ sake.
There is a way to escape for Jesus is the Way as He has told us;
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Give Peace to the Fallen

In your daily routine, there is time to help someone who has fallen.
Be astute to know when to help the person and when not to.
There is one thing though we can always do for the right reason.
We can give peace to the fallen and urge them to stand if they are able.
No one wants to purposely leave someone down on the ground unattended.
This is not the thing to do without standing guard over them and to protect them as best you can.
But the main thing to do is to give them peace from God to them.
How does one do this?
Be vigilant and firm with what you would say a
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Poetry by poetic2050
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Poetry by pupwee
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