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Poetry by mypoems7771

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Eternal Covenant of Peace
He has borne our griefs,
Carried our sorrows;
Afflicted by beliefs,
Shielded from our woes.

Yet esteemed Him stricken,
While smitten by God;
But remained to quicken,
Amongst those who were flawed.

For our transgressions,
Crushed for iniquities;
Suffering oppressions,
Of illegalities.

He suffered chastisement,
From God had brought us peace;
Healing wounds and ailment,
Caused pain that would not cease.

For all are like sheep gone astray,
From His grace each one falls;
Because we turned away,
Ignoring when God calls.
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The World from my Window.
Fall came dressed in scarlet reds and brilliant golds, beautifully adorning each tree,
cider and donuts always a staple on the fall menu, leaves are raked into high
mounds where children delight to dive in, bond fires light up the evening sky,
and hot dogs and marchmallows roasted over the flames have never tasted better,
hayrides never sease to thrill, turkey and stuffing is a must with cranberries,
and pumpkin pie, mounds of potatoes and gravy tantalize the taste buds, and a
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I screamed with pain
But she was so chuffed
That she caught a rat
Underneath my duvet.

I woke up and screamed
"Tinga, let go off my toes"
And hid my both feet and
Sat in the lotus position.

I did not dare to extend
My feet in the duvet because
Tinga was after my toes
Pouncing and biting them off.

We compromised that night
And she slept on my chest,
Purring and licking my face
Tinga and I then dozed off.

I slept with my extended legs.

Kris ~ Dreamweaver
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What are we playing?
Hide and seek, Mum?
I love it so much..
Where are we hiding?
Oh, you cannot speak,
with your mouth full.
I understand Mum.
I will just wait and see.
Are we hiding behind TV?
Great, what a pity I cannot
see the TV from its back.
I like here very much.
It's rather dark and
it's a bit spooky too.
All these things jumbled
tangled up behind the TV,
I have never seen before.
Mum, what will grandpa do?
Will his big hands grab
both me and you?
Oh no, he is her
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I don't think Kissy the Mama cat
Can really spell Louie but
I know she can tell when I call
The name Louie to her,
To my amazement she runs
To take care of her baby Louie.

She knows I want her to mind
The kitten lying alone and cold.
Now I even wonder if Kissy
Can really read my mind too!!
She follows my wishes as if
She knows what I have
In my mind for her to do.

I don't believe in the magic.
I don't think the Black Cat
Has any Magical power
But I have my doubts now.
Kissy reading my mind More »

Poetry by injoyslife
Feedback and critique requested.

~WELCOME TO DREAMLAND~ Read my Poems to Know me. I am in my poems.

Poetry by Elsie
*WELCOME TO MY WORLD* ~ Read my poems full of fact, fiction and fantasy.

Muslims Favorite Poet
Your New Favorite Site Feedback and critique requested

Poetry by godspoetwriter
Feedback and critique requested.

Poetry by CountryPoet
Language of Enchantment Words are beautiful...

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Title: The World from my Window.
By: Ginger Knobloch
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