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Poetry by poetry2071

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God will command and shake the house,
Of Israel to all nations;
No grain falls the size of a mouse,
As people build their foundations.

All His people who are sinners,
Shall be perishing by the sword;
No evil shall catch the winners,
That have been honoring the Lord.

In that day God will raise the booth,
Of David that has had fallen;
Repair its breaches for the truth,
To strengthen on what has weaken.

Raise up the ruins and rebuild,
Make it as in the days of old;
Hiring those that are skilled,
As trained in what the Lord has told.
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A Poem about my Soprano Saxophone.

Until I met you
I never knew
I could fall
in love with
a Soprano Sax.

I saw you and thought
"Oh, just another Sax!"
but I took you
in my hands and
played a tune and
I knew I had lost
my heart and soul
to a beautiful soprano
Yanagisawa Sax.

It was not the shape
or the carving on it.
It was not even the
golden lacquer
that caught my mind.

It was the way
you responded
to my every wish
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Please, visit the site for the poem. Text on Picture is not visible here.

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This poem was not written by me
but by someone very close to my heart
and I think it deserves to be published.


Every day I see your face
Same old time and same old place
We never smile or utter a word
But all the time your voice is heard.

No one knows you better than me
Sometimes when I look it`s not you that I see
I see emptiness within in your eyes
Visible to me, but to everyone else it`s disguised.

I often wonder what happened to you
If the answers are there then give me a clue
I k
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Divine Spirit

Divine Spirit

Divine Spirit of mighty power
loving within and out
shine deeply in the hearts
and the soul of man.

Divine Spirit of our Universal
plane, let the song of life form
strong in the hearts of men.

Divine Spirit of source, give us
everlasting energy to notice
we are love, Divine.

Divine Spirit of all people living
on earth, live in peace like the mother
earth, feeling her heartbeat penetrating
through everything, nourishing
your wounds you
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The Moment I Never Wanted To End

Christmas was approaching in the year 2016. Everyone of us was excited for gift giving. Then suddenly a heated argument ensued I screamed on top of my lungs.
I was a bit drunk and was down in the dump
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~WELCOME TO DREAMLAND~ Read my Poems to Know me. I am in my poems.

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