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Poetry by allseasonsverse

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Do Not

Do Not

I do not ask for favors of simple thoughts that
complicates emotions lost.
I cannot sew holes untouched in front of holy
images of intentions.

I do not mind shapeless shadows among lifeless
beings storing feelings.
It is among the strongest of mind to fold the
metal bar of purification.

I cannot count the minutes backwards
when they have already been lived.
I will swim waters of today and count my
blessings without sorrow.

Do not blame feelings that sink low beyond
complaints and tenderne
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Lift the cover, see how old it
appears, under the surface
it never looks old, to well
protected from the outer layer..

If we don't move and take that
chance the outer layer will
always show, the under layer
that is beautiful will never show..

Life is a game, we play it the best
we know how, sometimes we never
really understand the rules, we just
take that chance h
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Wilderness Winter (Series Four)
Wilderness Winter ( Series Four)

A soft breeze dances across the grass, a chill hold my eyes to the wonder of a young winters call.
The woodline becomes bare, with the hint of autumn leaves twisting in the air.
Soft fading colors seek the earth's embrace the soft sighs of winter's voice speaks in this place.
The hill was inviting all Cree to their home, as their eyes so thankfully except, to lay to rest from
Their length roam.
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Wilderness Walk (Three of Born in the Wilderness)
Wilderness Walk (Three of Born in the Wilderness)

They walked and rode horseback across the plains following the Buffalo to their autumn graze.
The sun rose and set forty times, the voice of winter whispers in the wind.
The bison would stay on the lower ground for winter, but the Plains Cree would be higher to
Keep sight of that herd, for many seasons they stood silent and true to their word.
They fed their hunger with elk, and rabbit in winter's cold, and let the Bison grow bold.
They would still be near, in their sight on those frosty winter nights.

The rol
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Soft glides the night

Soft glides the night

Soft glides the night on silken wings

Love’s tender spells to cast, to spring

Inspiring lovers, setting scenes

To catch a heart, to forge a dream

To catch a heart, the stage to set

To find love where one least expects

To intercept, stop in one’s tracks

One look and there’s no going back

A smile, a whisper, touch her hair

Glancing fingers stir the air

Tender moments, heart to heart

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~WELCOME TO DREAMLAND~ Read my Poems to Know me. I am in my poems.

Poetry by poetic2050
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Poetry by Elsie
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Insomnia's Melancholy World
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Poetry by CountryPoet
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Poetry by recherche
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