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Poetry by allseasonsverse

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Children find ways to keep the magic of the moment alive
In the forest at a Lilly pad pond lay an old abandon hive.
The frogs were gathered to hop upon this nest but fate
Would have it, it was one of natures test.

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Being Aware

Being Aware

With each sun set, it never really sets
it lives forever in each memory that lies
in the vault of time, it controls the mind
of restlessness, bringing a calmness..

Each memory never ending, in living
shall we always play our roles making
each one a never ending story...

There is never an end, it lingers softly
adding depth along it's way, it goes on
forever, leaving a mark down each path
that leaves memories of yesterday...

Forsake all sadness, in feeling sad
we have grown strong in our b
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Tears from Heaven

Tears from Heaven

Tears fall from heaven
so much to nourish, so
much to water upon this
poor earth we live..

Tears fall from eyes,
from sorrow, from joy
or just to wash away

Tears from the angels
they fill our rivers, they
fill our oceans, watching
the wrong men do.

Tears from our almighty
he cries for the sins of
his children, it hurts him
to see the wrong they

Mother, she cries tears
enough to fill the mighty
world of beauty, watching
her earth crumble be
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Do you Believe in Miracles

Do you Believe in Miracles

Can you explain the feeling you get
when the night touches you deep
with beauty, softness surrounding
each thought?

Can you count the days you smiled
when your heart was heavy with
pain and sadness, captivating
your peace within?

Can you believe before the dawn
appears, the night will say a last
good-night from the heavens,
a special star that stands out from
all the rest, sparkling like a diamond..

If you believe in miracles, gaze
around and see what makes your
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Come in, the door is opened
do you not see! it is forever
opened, waiting for people
of all nations to find peace
that lives deep within..

Come in, it's light is bright
it waits, it wants, it knows
what each one feels this
very day..

Come in, it will never be
shut, it glows brightly
your search will never
end till you have entered.

Come in, feel the glory
that fills your heart
and soul, it is like
heaven when you entered
the door of peace..

By Derena

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Life Unfolding

Life Unfolding

Life unfolding, seeking
peace, I hold the key to
my own happiness..

No answers, only wishes
rainbows always brighten
a dreamers heart..

Oh life, what would it be
without a heart filled with
love, carried deeper into
the wilderness of natures
sweet embrace.

Dark clouds never last
their is always hope, if
you believe, enough to
believe way down deep.

An apple spoiled, does not mean
all of them are spoiled, many are
more tasteful at the top..

The light m
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